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>> good evening everyone. i'm carolyn johnson in for dan ashley. bart union have given notice they intend to strike. 72 hour notice means bart strike could start monday if new contract deal is not reached by then. >> talk broke off just before 4 this afternoon and scheduled resume at 9 tomorrow morning. union management leaders spend the next 3 day negotiating in
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hopes of reaching a deal. 2 main sticking points pay and benefits. in the last strike 2300 employee walked off the job for 4 and a half days in july leading to massive traffic congestion throughout the bay area. now even with formal strike notice the union could continue to work without a contract. governor could step in to the halt a shut down or bart could turn up the pressure by impose ago contract. tonight union leaders held a big rally thrown in a little star power. sf hundreds of people including actor danny glover who you just saw turned out for the march and rally. we see the group as they walked from the plaza to bart headquarters at lake merritt. thousands of bart riders caught in the middle of the labor dispute not knowing how they manage to get around next week. we talked to those frustrated
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bart riders today. >> the that's a big problem. the pension things just when you thought it was over bart workers put the brake on service once again. bart riders are not happy about it. >> i feel in frustrated. i just fund out about that this morning. and the last strike was really challenge egging. >> very frustrating. >>reporter: commute percent limited mobility and those needing assistance say getting around as it is is hard enough. disrupting taken service makes it close time possible. >> this is hard times. we are all hurting. and so the service is needed desperately. >>reporter: commuters directing their anger at bart and its workers. >> but i imagine at some point the bart people that work on bart will accept minimal. >> pay part of the pension. pay part of the health carement everybody else does. >>reporter: still others believe hard line approach would seal the negotiating deal
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quick fast and in a hurry. >> bart is over paid and if i was on the board whether i would offer was you get a choice of 25 percent cut, 20 percent cut you don't like that you are out the door. >> 2 sides until sunday to reach an agreement before thousands forced to find alternate routes around the ba bay. this is 7 news. >> issued a statement tonight saying we are very disappointed and hope they reconsider the option. strike only stall delay the decision need to be made while using our rider as pawn. if there is a strike bart is hoping to have up to 95 buses available to make limited runs from the walnut creek dublin pleasanton fremont west oakland station. service from concord and san lee 8 drawn may out as well. bay ferry run extra boats. overflow parking available in alameda. golden gate transhave it no additional service but 2 of the boats will be used by bay ferry. car pooling hours will be extended lake they were last
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in the morning through 7:00 p.m. range of resources for you it's on our web site including alternative transit option as well as real time traffic map. you can also down load the exclusive abc 7 news way traffic app to help you navigate around trouble spots on the roads. follow us on twitter at this web site for breaking news update. we tell you about the app you can use to help you find a ride. 7 news has learned the city of richmond will file suit against chevron tomorrow forever damages relited to the plex as fire almost year ago today. more now from vick lee. >> the explosion and fire happened almost a year ago. on august 6 at 6:15 in the evening corroded pipe crude oil unit ruptured. fire and smoke blanketed the sky over richmond sending more than 15,000 residents to hospital. they were having trouble breathing. complained about other
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respiratory problems. thousands filed individual claims against the giant refinery. richmond city council first broached the idea in may of hivring lawyers to sue chevron. instead they sdaided to continue trying to reach settlement out of court. but council member rodgers told abc 7 news chevron was a tough opponent. >> not an easy company to negotiate what they hold their cards close to the chest. play hard ball. >> both sides too far away. two week ago council members voted to hire the burlingame law firm. community activist believes it's time a lawsuit was failed against chevron. >> chevron owes the people of richmond as well as the city of richmond literally hundreds of millions of dollars. based on the damage they have done to our community over time not just august circumstances 2012 toxic explosion and fire.
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>> lawsuit ask for damages for the clean up and emergency response. swelts impact the fire had on property value and on the environment. chevron responded to inquirey with this statement. we can not comment on the merritt of lawsuit we have not yet seen but we believe the sdoytion pursue such a suit is a waste of the city resource in yet another example of the failed leadership. vick lee, 7 news. >> jury found former elementary school teacher guilty of sexually assaulting students who were just 7 and 8 years ol old. 36-year-old craig chandler convicted of 5 counts of lewd lascivious act under child of 14. pros cawtors say she was molested in the classroom at this school in san jose. the student said chandler ballooned folded them and forced them to perform secretarial act. >> children made victims 50 duplicity. as a result of mr. chandler hiding what he was
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doing. greatest hope that all these children forget everything about being in mr. chandler class. >> chandler sentenced in september. he faces up to 75 years to life in prison former principal lynn andrew found guilty last year of failing to report the suspected sexual abuse to authorities. >> we learn more tonight about the chilled molestation allegations against a popular concord teacher. joseph martin is in jill right now nearly 100 felony counts. he could face life in prison if convicted. latest now from laura anthony. >> though the campus is shut erred for the summer the fall out continues after one of woodside elementary most popular teachers. joe martin was arrested on charges he molested nearly a dozen of his own students. attorney lewis represents 11-year-old boy fifth grader in martin class this past school year. boy family filed claim against the mountain diablo school district seeking more than 25,000 dollar the
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magain groomed the boy for molestation. put hands down the boy shirt even fondled him and whispered i love you. >> the abuse that we know of so far occurred in the klation room. the district was also neglect in allowing the teacher to be at a private sleep away camp with our client as well. >> besides martin the claim named former mountain diablo school superintendent steve lawrence past current principal at wad side elementary for failing to act promptly and notify police about prior allegations against martin. beyond that the claim states after martin was notified it was being removed from his position. school administrators allowed the teacher to return to his class one last time to say goodbye. according to the claim martin took that opportunity to pressure the boy not to tell anyone what happened. >> in the mere fact he was allowed back into the room is is just completely shocking. >> school district maintenance
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it's working with police on the on going investigation and gave this written statement to the abc 7 news. the district has taken appropriate action including the immediate removal of the teacher from the campus. martin sits in jail on 10 million dollar bail. he pleaded not guilty to 91 felony charges involving 11 potential victims. in concord, laura anthony abc 7 news. >> bay area mom faces child endangerment charges for leaving her 3-year-old son to watch puppet show at library while she wept home for an hour. police confronted 28-year-old woman when she wept to pick up her son at the john daly branch on hillside avenue and made sure the stove was off and to eat lunch. her arraignment schedule for next month. >> we have much more to come on this first day of august. up next the fda warning about popular plane can i recall. happened in more than a decade. mass closure of u.s. embassy around the world.
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>> get ready for a little friday warm-up but not so warm for the weekend. i have the accu-weather 7 day forecast. >> sentenced by judge condemned by his victim. castro emotional last act to emotional last act to traumatizing sto♪
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>> bart negotiations coming >> bart negotiations coming down to the wire he. >> incredible drama in cleveland courtroom today. during the sentencing for kid naerp castro one of the victims stared down the man who abused her and held her captive forever 11 years. when she finished castro blamed his victims and insisted he's not a monster. story from alex pere perez. >> she was his first victim. during 11 long years of abuse and torture but today michelleñi knight stood tall. hugged those around her and faced down the man who held her captive. >> day turned into night. night the under into day. years turned into eternity. i knew nobody cared about me
9:14 pm told me my family didn't care. she was 21 when castro lured her in with promises of puppy for her sochbility amanda berry 16 when abducted today. she's 27. did he jesus 14 when the ordeal began. now 23. >> she never let necessity fal fall. she nursed me become to health. when i was dying from his abuse. >>reporter: michelle the only victim who came to court today. she is 32 years old. but so small her rescuers thought she was a child. today she was a tiny tower of strength. as she spoke castro eyes never left her. but this is the moment he registered emotion. >> i spent 11 years in hell. now your hell is just beginning. i will overcome all this happened. but you will face hell fore tern ty. >>reporter: new glimpse into what the women endured. rusty chain castro used to restrain them. of for week at a time
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with little food. we learn they all kept diary. documenting ordeal. fearing they would never make it out alive. in a bizarre rambling 16 minute statement castro implied he was the real victim. insistsing that he never abused any of the women. i'm not a monitor. i'm just sick. >>reporter: castro became emotional talking about his daughter with amanda berry but judge unmoved. castro will never be allowed to see joslyn again. sentenced to life in prison plus 1,000 years now victims are moving forward. gina cousin telling the court of every day milestone. >> she laughs. she swims. she dances. and more importantly she loves and she is loved. >> for michelle knight standing up there today a giant step forward. >> after 11 years 5:00 a.m.
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finally being heard and it's liberating. thank you all. i love you. god bless you. >> that was alex perez reporting. warning tonight from the fd a.they take taking this rare but potentially skin reaction in some people. this of course the active ingredient in tylenol. health officials say they don't want to scare people away from the pain reliever but they say people need to be aware that skin conditions can be a side effect and if they develop, people need to stop taking the drug and see a doctor medley. >> you have a chance to participate in nationwide cancer study that takes place just every 30 years. screening now under way at ucsf mount zion medical center. cancer society study done twice since the 1950s. previous version creditd with fine ago link between smoking and kearns and obese if i and cancer. new study will track 300,000 people nationwide and look at genetic
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and environmental causes of cancer. >> ability to track individuals to understand something about them biologically to determine whether or not somebody gets cancer gives us a lot of information that can be used in research. >>reporter: participant must be between the ages of 30 and 65. you can find more information on how you can participate by going to our web site. 7 look under see it on tv. >> time now for look at our forecast and we get a little warmer then a little cooler again. >> keep on kochlingt not big changes just up and down a few degrees. steady pattern. live look of we have not had much fog at the coast all day and same holds true for tonight. mainly clear skies. little patches of coastal fog forming now and let's look at the fog pattern today. little patches from time to time forming and then being swept away by the coastal winds. is in sunny day and nice clear night right now
9:18 pm
as you can see from sutro tower looking out over san francisco. 58 in san francisco. 63 mountain view san jose 63. los gatos 62. 57 half moon bay. coyote tower for exploring camera. nice clear sky there as we look west ward at 63 right now santa rosa. 62 at nap a.59 no have the o. fairfield 67. concord livermore both at 62 degrees and fog free golden gate right now as we look live at the bridge. forecast feature reveal we'll see patchy low cloud redeveloping overnight. it's a little bit warmer tonight as pointed out. she follow weather closely. >> minor changes through the weekend and into next week. satellite radar composite cool air to the north. dominant feature in the weather the last several days. giving us pleasant conditions but with temperatures below the average this time of the year. over next couple day the pool of cool air will shrink just a bit. a little bit of warm-up but then start to expand aga
9:19 pm
and as i exp monday it starts to get cooler again. so things continue to change here in the bay area. overnight tonight look for low temperature to be mainly in the mid 50's and see little patches of low clouds pushing locally inland. and then tomorrow under sunny sky in the south bay high pressure generally in the upper 70's to mid 80's. 80 at cupertino san jose 85 at morgan hill. peninsula high range from 72 at san mateo to 78 redwood city and mountain view on the coast. breezy but mild. pacifica top out at 62 degrees. 65 at half moon bay. downtown san francisco 68 tomorrow. 64 in the sun set district. up in the north bay nice and mild to warm area wide. we see 84 degrees at santa rosa napa 85. calistoga 90's low 90's up at ukiah clear lake. east bay oakland top out at 72 degrees. 73 at san leandro. 76 at union city. 78 fremont and inland east bay high mainly in the upper 80's.
9:20 pm
87 at walnut creek. 88 at fairfield and antioch. here's accu-weather 7 day forecast l. so after tomorrow little warm-up we see temperatures drop-off few degrees on saturday and sunday. still see mid 80's inland. then on tuesday temperatures bounce back up to upper 80's inland. mid upper 70's around the bay and 60 on the coast but basically this is a steady pattern with just minor up and down throughout the 7 day period. >> all right looks lovely spencer is that okay. coming up. california corridor. how the san francisco to los angeles route just got hotter. that's next. >> here we good wendy burch ou out. tight a little tight. >> breaking down along standing barrier. this woman may soon be calling the shots on the
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[ male announcer ] and now, try new gluten free vanilla chex. . >> football training camp is much different than it used to be. all 32 teams kick off the camp this weekend. according to the "new york times"many limiting or now out right banning tackling. that includes the philadelphia eagle. that team suffered a pair of season ending injuries this past week. coach kelly says players will cement of hitting in the games. the goal is to get them there. camp are less brutal in other way now as well. half as long. about 3 week instead of 6th and limited by union decree to one session per day rather than 2. as for the toughness of training camp look no further than the 49ers. key player today was hurt. larry has much more on that coming up later in sports. >> first woman to fish ate nfl game full-time may one step closer to the field. of josh elliott on the mississippi woman on the grid with the new
9:25 pm
orleans saints honeing her skills. >> here we good watch out now. >> bold black and white stripe hair tucked under the black hat this official looks look exactly like every other one on the field. >> watch yourself right here 17. a little tight a little tight. >> but 13-year-old sarah thomas married mother of 3 is on the verge of history. >> are you a tom boy. >> i'm the tom boy yes but i'm married with two boys. >> boys to become the first ever full-time female official for the national football league. >> you got to move up on this pass play. push the guard up. >> individually i'm a female a.lot of things that set us apart individually. race. gender. different back ground. but collectively we are out there all for the same goal. >> escape years of officiating grade school high school and college games she was discovered by an nfl scout. >> he called me one day and said i have an official that i think you need look at. i said
9:26 pm
okay joe. what is his name he says his name is sarah. i said sarah? he said yes she's a she. >>reporter: today the mississippi woman is one of 21 finalist in the nfl officiating development program. >> i hope so lord know is can't break you up. >> top contender for next slot to open. waiting for her chance to shatter the glass ceiling. >> i could not do this without the support of my husband and my kids, so this is just what i do. >> thomas career in football started through her brother when she tagged along to meeting for aspiring football game officials back in the early 1990's. >> still to come 7 news at 9:0 9:00. potential bart strike f.worried about how you are requesting to get to work next week there's now an app for that. show you how it works. plus. >> i'm in sacramento. the 2 recent train crashes in europe raises question about the safety of california own hay speed rail system. what the
9:27 pm
project leader has to say. look at 'em.
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>> state department says unspecified number of embassy consulate around the world will be closed sunday because of security concerns. martha has the latest. >> threat is credible and serious. senior u.s. official telling abc news there is a specific threat. concerted effort against u.s. embassy or consulate we just didn't know what the specific target is. another u.s. official adding there could be other targets not just embassy. beginning sunday some of our biggest embassy will be closing. including egypt. iraq.
9:31 pm
kuwait. there has not been a mass closing of embassy and consulate due to intelligence threat sense the first anniversary of 9/11. normally an ambassador would make the determination but this time it is washington ordering the embassies to close down. martha, abc news washington. >> there is anger in chile tonight. 3 years after those minor -- minders were rescued no charges will be given to opposite of the mean or mining regulator. 33 miners trapped for two months underground. they called the decision a disgrace to the country justice system. the cave inbrought the mine safety record in focus and put chile top industry under close scrutiny but tonight the case is closed with no finding of responsibility. >> syrian religious group ban croissant because they symbol iceize western suppression.
9:32 pm
there was a declaration declaring that they are forbidden in islamic law. the group operates in rebel held area here. the issue dates back to celebration after the defeat of the army in awe industry a in 1863. they represented the moon depicted on the ottoman flag. >> high speed rail officials in california are giving assuranc assurances that a deadly captain lake the one that happened in spain last week would not happen here. if the we have the story from sacramento. >> train crash interparis killed 6 passengers. shortly after this accident in spain last week killed 79. if at that time raise question about the safety of the high speed rail system planned for california. >> this guy in spain wasn't paying attention. what if we gate high speed train and guy driving the train isn't paying attention and boom we good off the track. >>reporter: high speed rail
9:33 pm
authority took great pain to reassure california about the system safety in the wake of the 2 europe train crash this is summer. board members went off the meeting agenda to address concerns. they note california will be fully automated using technology that doesn't exist on current rail systems like override feature that would have slowed down the train automatically before a curve. >> our system will be fully train cochltd full train control on every inch of our system and so that kind of accident could not happen. >> state also points out the accident in spain happened on portion of track that is not high speed rail. there are already rules in place for driver distraction. >> spanish operator was on cell phone. prohibited under u.s. law. we'll be xliingthose law t doesn't hatch. >> wonderful experience. wonderful experience. >> they have ridden on spain bullet train and the crash doesn't deter them or other
9:34 pm
passengers at this am track station from getting on california system once built. >> i wouldn't hesitate at all. it would be nice to be able to go see my sister in san diego quickly. >> i don't think that there should be a concern about safety here. when we do finally get our system hear. i just don't i think the way that technology has come along. >> officials had hoped to break ground in july for the first 30 mile segment in the central valley. it's new august and all they say is it's soon n.sacramento, abc 7 news. >> bart strike loom closer people wonder how they get to work. turns out there's an app for. that even offering incentive for people willing to step up and drive car pool next week. of jonathan bloom has that story and the information you may need come monday. if cars backed up for miles as worker picketed in front of shut erred bart station few week ago. it's a mess she
9:35 pm
remembers all too well. >> it was ridiculous. they were backed up so far back unbelievable how many people apparently still driving in san francisco that week. >>reporter: commuter loaded on to bus and for ri land up on street corner for casual car pool. laura did something she has never done before. she agreed to drive a car pool in her own car e.i was able to help out a few people to get to the office. >>reporter: she found passengers on a karma casual car pooling without mess at the curb. >> check out profile and photo and i could choose somebody and say they are going to my building. >>reporter: this is around for awhile. used to be called vega to plan car pools from neighborhood to bart station. but during the last bart strike all of this changed. >> use among went up 9,000 percent and maintained about 30 percent of this young. >>reporter: pall admits it may because they raffled off helicopter ride to few lucky users. they posted this on you tube. this time a more practical proceed moytion. >> $25 towards parking in the
9:36 pm
city. happens every day next week strike or no strike. >>reporter: you have to pick up car peerls at one of the special locations. folsom or at the ashby pleasant hill or hayward bart station. other transportation app running prosecute motion. side car waived fee and lift business to announce something. this is different than those app because it's not like hiring a driver. traditionally car pooling where you pay a few dollars for gaichlts you won't make money using this but if you give someone a ride today in the future when you need a raid somebody gives awe ride back. that's what we call good karma. >> if san francisco, abc 7 new news. >> we have whole lot of resources for you at 7 including alternative transit option and real time traffic map. also find our exclusive 7 news way traffic app there that can help you navigate around traffic tie up. be sure to follow us on twitter at this web site.
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>> final preparation are under way for one of the bay area premier summer festival. craw began bust the grandstand today for the 13 annual art soul festival event downtown oakland with non-stop music and great food. also features organizers call largest family fun zone of any bay area festival. festivities get under way at noon on saturday. run until 8:00 o'clock and then noon until 6 on sunday. admission 10 dollars for adults but kid under 12 are free. >> san francisco chronicle. gets new ramp mate. we have that story just ahead. harvesting in august. what convinced napa wine maker now the time that some
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>> nap valley harvest has begu
9:41 pm
begun. early harvest is there and wayne explains the push to get that harvest is began toda today. >> we gnaw they were ripening at interrecord rate. but harvest in august? on the first? it became reality in napa county today. >> we have started as early as july 23rd in 1997. july 26 in 2004. >>reporter: based on the history this wine maker was not completely surprised that harvest has come for these graichlts even if it is 10 day earlier than the average. when did you mick the call. >> about three days ago. >>reporter: he did have help from ashley jackson, second generation wine maker who long ago took note of this year dry winter and warm spring. they accelerated ripening for all grapes in the region. making the call is both science and intuitive art. >> i lake traipsing around in the dirt. >>reporter: spends plenty of time in the lab look at acid and sugar level with optimal picking moment for champagne.
9:42 pm
>> every year it's a crap shoot pardon the term but it's something that we are always able to find the quality we are lacking for based on what is presented to us. >>reporter: fichlt 2013 harvest. [applause]. >>reporter: they always sell brit the season first grape mye toast. bless the new grape. sprinkle with previous vintage. then back to work. after all the bendix it's a fairly brutal end for those celebrated clusters. this the beginning of at least a two year ferry mentation process. >> they go downstairs into large press which has membrane init and slowly the gentle pressure slowly extract the juice out of the berry. >> where are the bare foot women? >> from ancient time. very tired. >>reporter: not forgotten. in 2013 as in any year the first harvest passed as fleetingly as the tiny bubble filling a xwla xwlas. in napa county, abc 7
9:43 pm
news. >> in business news tonight delta airlines says it will finance offering an hourly shuttle between sfo and lax. it's a busy market. more than 50 round trip are scheduled between the 2 airport serving more than 1 million and a half people each way. yahoo moving from the city financial district to the building housing the san francisco chronicle. area becoming home to many tech company. yahoo expanding research unit by hiring 50 p hd. unit down sized before marissa's reign. >> no new flagship store on market street at 22,000 square feet smaller than the store they moved out of at union square. that building is being taken over by apple. in this building in downtown oakland has been purchased by the same company that bought the tribune tower. be will house 3 new businesses including 2 software companies. >> now to the first smart phone to be made entirely in the u.s. . it's from google owned motor
9:44 pm
role and david muir has the details. >> first smart phone made in america. kilometer off the line and we are the first to see it. >> where would these phones have been made before. >> they would have been made in china before. >> now being made here. >> right here in ft. worth. >> they argue it make business sense now to make the new smart phone here. shipping cost from china slashed and wages in china rising. >> air force veteran looking for work no longer. >> next thing you know it was boom boom pop. >> now you are running the place. >> assembly line already. at the factory. >> this is where you make phon phone. >> still hiring. 2000 job by the end of august. 2000 new jobs in factory actually built 20 years ago. originally for the old school cell phone. those jobs and out source to china. >> factory went dark. >> absolutely went dark. >> in fact look at this tonigh tonight. last phone made in america. this thing look like it belong in the smithsonian.
9:45 pm
>> old motorola side by side with the new 1. >> slight upgrade. >> we wonder what about all the tiny parts. 1,000 semiconductor in the smart phone. any of them made here. >> oregon. utah. california. texas. north carolina. massachusetts and maine. >> whole lot of america in this phone. >> a lot of america in this phone. >> one more selling poymentd. >> who hadn't fumbled with the smart phone. take a picture. all you have to do with the phone simply shake it twice. camera comes up. and it's ready. >>. >> that was david muir reporting. well the motel of the marine leave no man behind. tonight it means leave no boy tonight it means leave no boy behind. that's next on ♪ people always ask, "what fruit goes best in red stripe?"
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>> bart negotiations coming down to the wire. >> clock tick. potential second strike. second strike. >> i hope they work it out >> marine now won the hearts of many. he was running alongside 9-year-old child at 5 k in michigan separated from those he started the race with and asked if he could please run with them. lagged back from the group and made sure that he crossed the finish line this image has since gone viral. on facebook. >> one last check of the weather now. let's get check of that with spencer. >> i don't have a story to match that one but i have a nice pleasant up lifting story nonetheless. look at live doppler 7 hd shows a little bit of local low clouds at the coast line mainly clear skies tonight. view of clear conditions. emeryville camera lack at some of today high pressure around the bay area in the first column compare with
9:50 pm
the average high pressure each location for this date and the number of degree below average each location was. san rafael santa rosa san francisco only few degrees below the average. but livermore with high of only 78. 10 degrees below the average high for this date and san jose with high of 74. 9 degrees so we had a much cooler average than inland location today but tomorrow the it's warm state wide with high well in the 90's and many location across the state of california. here in the bay area we won't reach 90 but see upper 80's in the warmest inland location and we haven't seen upper 80's in a while. here's accu-weather 7 day forecast. over the weekend cool down a couple degrees but certainly mild pleasant and then start to warm-up again tuesday on next week. lovely 7 days ahead. >> all right thanks spencer. >> giants hoping to turn last night win in a streak. larry is here now. >> well internal optimist. it could happen. last place. worst of first. wild night for the giants in philadelphia.
9:51 pm
also 49ers lose a key member of the secondary done
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>> coming up tonight 7 news at 11:00th union delivers 72 hour strike notice. but what is next for bart? our team coverage continues. >> and shark bite. california woman describes her encounter with a shark on maui. join us for those stories and much more coming up tonight at 11:00. >> larry is here with tale of the giants. >> this was a fun game. frantic finish tonight for the giants in philadelphia. 9th inning coming back followed by near disaster. followed by victory. phillies fanatic best mascot in sports. you lick lucille or sharkie stomach perfect just saying. ifies pitcher 8 scoreless. strikes out jeff. drove in the first one of the game signaling the fifth on cain. 1 nothing goes
9:55 pm
8 innings. striking out 7. allow one run. defense on eighth inning. joaquin coming home. and gets rollins. bay area native. 1 nothing. gentleman's finally breakthrough in the 9th. roger pinch hitting drive in hunter then of pill and then that come about working again. sergio in to close. phillies load the bases but romo gets a couple of pop up. and then the ground ball from eric to end it giants hold on. canes led for the win. they believe. unfortunately the giants do not gain if i ground because the donors beat the cubs. rookie sensation the 2 for 4. solo bomb in the 9th. left of year and played like a third of the season. also scored twice. i giants. night off gettinghe
9:56 pm
ready for huge series against the rangers. struck out 14 diamond back and 7 innings. we are showing them all to you. the all get nothing and like it. rangers we know 7-1. 3 an half games behind the a heading in tomorrow series in oakland. injury mounting for the frai frainers in training camp. confirmed now all pro linebacker willis slight fracture of the right hand. third time he has broken the hand. probably won't play during the present season. should be fine for the season opener. even worse. corner back oly0 off the field. torn acl. done for the year. he was the third corner. saw extensive playing time last season. of injury occurred during a punt coverage drill. 49ers secondary they needed help coming into this season. not going to get any from him. former san jose state defensive lean man johnson waiting hoping for some team to call. his wish came true. niners sign to
9:57 pm
three year deal. odds of the bay area native making the 53 man squad slim but willing to did anything. he played as line man at san jose state. now linebacker. >> i watched my whole life growing up and come out and practice and work with them. inside linebacker. never done it before so whole new they think but i'm picking it up and learning it quickly. >> smith was never really appreciated as 49ers but they love him in cans city. they really love him. doug peterson thinks alex smith is the best quarterback in the league. electric the whole nfl. the best. better than manning. better than brady or breeze. all right other news. my mom is better than your mom. tv come off successive win at the chairmanship. phil is back open american soil lacking for third straight win at the
9:58 pm
bridgestone invitational akron. rory. tvl right out of caddy shack. bad luck on the green for lefty. 2 over 72 8 off lead tiger woods 2 back of simpson. 4 under 66. shot of the day. luke donald chipping up for birdie on 7. a lot of speed there. if this didn't go in it would still be rolling. donald 3 back. all eye on park this week at the women british open. trying to win unprecedented fourth consecutive misdemeanor on the ladies tour. venue. the saint andrews course. tv paula in the hunt. bogey 4 upped 68. approach and would set up final birdie of the day. rolling early. 6 under to reverse 10 hole but then truly. 3 over down the stretch. pwuchbinger there play it away from the hole. 3 off the lead held by american morgan. birdie on 15.
9:59 pm
6 under par. shares the lead with license off. nice. larry thank you. for all of us here, all of us here at abc 7 news at 9:00 thanks for joining us. 7 news continues on line on twitter face back and all the mobile device was new abc 7 news app. we hope you will join us over on channel 7 at 11:00 in the on channel 7 at 11:00 in the mean time have great evening.
10:00 pm
mac: is that, uh, soy veggie health drink supposed to erase the damage you did to your liver last night? dennis: is that coffee gonna help you forget that elephant that you slept with last night? oh, come on. you don't have to be so judgmental. she was gross, dude. she wasn't that gross, all right?

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